As much as we love living in the United Arab Emirates, every once in a while, we can’t help but succumb to a few moments of sheer anxiety, stress and nervousness caused by some of the most dreadful moments we face in this city!

For some, these moments might sound simple and even silly, but for UAE residents they are nothing short of a nightmare!

So, here they are:

1. When you have to do the inevitable petrol station trip


Despite being an oil rich country, the UAE suffers from a shortage of petrol stations. That’s why waiting in the endless queue at the petrol station after a long day at wok deserves the number one spot in our list of dreadful moments in the UAE! No one is a fan of this moment, especially when there is an idiot who’s trying to jump the queue in front of you… It is the perfect opportunity to win the "Best Death Stare" award!

2. When it is Thursday and you live in Sharjah


People who commute from Sharjah to Dubai have a love/hate relationship with Thursdays. They are the gate to weekend heaven, but you won’t get past it without enduring a few hours of hellish traffic on almost any highway. Prepare to multiply your road rage by 10 on these days!

3. When you are sick but your insurance card is expired


Did you ever notice that the only time you get sick is when your health insurance card is not valid anymore? This moment can’t be more dreadful in the UAE because the simplest check up appointment can cost you up to 450 dirhams! Suddenly that stubborn fever and agonizing tooth pain don’t feel so bad at all!

4. When you want to cancel your gym subscription


In the UAE, it is easier to become an astronaut at NASA and plan a trip to Mars than to cancel your Fitness First subscription! You will have to go through a tough interrogation by the staff and prove you are either traveling or suffering from a crippling disease to freeze your membership or get a refund. Coz once you get it… there is no way out!

5. When it is time to renew your rent


It is a dreadful moment for expats in the UAE because they have to play a guessing game with the landlord. Is he going to increase my rent? Is he going to ask me to move out? Is he going to return my deposit? Do I have to check Dubizzle for alternatives? Do I need a lawyer? WHERE IS MY XANAX!!