Arabic, what a language. We tend to get super creative when it comes to expressing our love for one another and even more creative when we want to compliment each other. Adjectives used to describe food have made their way into these compliments so subtly that you can't not use them. Which one are you guilty of using?

1. Albak... kteer tayeb


We all use the word 'tayeb' to refer to something being exceptionally delicious. But, apparently, in Arabic we use it for all kinds of things. When someone is just so sweet and kind and empathetic, "albak kteer tayeb" is just the easy way to send that message.

2. Zay el aasal


Sweet like candy to my soul ... literally. When someone is so sweet that you just have to describe their level of sweetness by comparing it to honey.

3. Kteer helwe/helo


Nope, calling something "kteer helwe" is not just used when describing food that's overloaded with sugar. It's also a way of calling a person pretty/handsome.

4. Byetekal


When the person is just so cute that you could eat them. Poor babies always suffer from this one.

5. Oooo shu taybe hal benit


Yup. Those men sitting on plastic chairs on the side of the road have perfected this one.