When it comes to his skills and his journey in the football world, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah is unparalleled; there's no arguing that. But, the same can't be said when it comes to his looks. 

In a perfect demonstration of the popular Arab saying which states, "Forty people are created with an uncanny resemblance to each other," Salah has a number of doppelgängers who have been spotted across the Arab world and documented on social media. 

Ranging from the mere lookalike to the ultimate duplicate, meet the various versions of the Liverpool star who have been discovered so far:

1. The Van #4 passenger in Lebanon

"Mohamed Salah taking Van #4 to Hay El Sellom. Egyptian people: God bless your humility, our Arab pride." Source: Facebook/Abdallah Hinawi

2. The slaughterhouse worker in Kuwait

Earlier this year, Kuwait-based slaughterhouse worker Mohamed Ibrahim turned heads when he was sighted and compared to the famous footballer. Yep, the worker shares the same looks AND first name with Salah.

Ibrahim has since gained popularity himself, with customers asking to take photos with him on a regular basis.

Brothers, much?

3. The football fan in Egypt

Back in 2018, Ahmed Bahaa stole the spotlight at a café in Cairo as he joined other fans to watch the Liverpool forward play in the semi-final of the Champions League. The business graduate even met his celebrity lookalike and the duo took photos together, proving the striking resemblance between them.

"[Mohamed Salah] was taken aback [when he saw me], he said to me he feels like he's standing in front of a mirror, but that it is he who looks like me because I am older," Bahaa said at the time, according to Sky Sports.

Bahaa added that it was an honor to look like Salah because "he is the one thing bringing the most joy to Egypt right now."

Who's who?

4. The football player in Iraq

The tanned, curly-haired Iraqi footballer hopes to become his country's very own Salah, and he already has the looks part covered. 

Dubbed as the "Iraqi Mohamed Salah," 21-year-old Hussein Ali has been compared to the Egyptian player even before the latter gained international popularity. It's no surprise then that Ali strives to extend his resemblance to Salah beyond just appearance, as he is motivated to follow the latter's footsteps and make it big in the football world.

"We play in the same position and I do everything to imitate and copy his movements," Ali previously said, as quoted by The National.

5. The meme-inspiring tourists

6. The Egyptian social media star

Egypt's 21-year-old Mahmoud Farfour uses his resemblance to Mohamed Salah to promote his social media platform and has managed to attract 169,000 followers on Instagram.

How is this is NOT Salah?!

Nope, still not Salah