Source: YouTube

Four women recently joined forces to showcase the meaning behind the colors of the Palestinian flag, with one woman representing each color.  

After thorough research to understand the true meaning behind each color, Zenah Abul-Khair decided to lay it out to the public in a creative video, all based on post-1948 Palestine.

"This is more than just a video but a MOVEMENT," the 22-year-old wrote in the YouTube video caption.

"I tried to the best of my ability to make apparent of the problems and hardships Palestine is facing," she added. 

Here's what each of the four colors represent: 

Black: "Oppression"

Red: "The blood that our brothers and sisters have bled for us"

White: "The peace we once had"

Green: "Our land"

"Palestine is more than just a country"

People absolutely love it!


"This hit my heart hard"

One word: "Brilliant"

"So proud"

Watch the epic video below: