For certain businesses like jewelry, flower arrangement, chocolates and stuffed toys, sales skyrocket on Valentine’s Day. People are cashing out to buy a present for a loved one – whether it's a spouse, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, a friend or workmate. The bottomline is people are willing to spend on something that says, “I love you” or “You’re special to me.” So, now is your chance to make a little extra for your business by answering the demands of the occasion.

Even if your business does not exactly supply Valentine’s gifts, there are many ways to make the most out of the holiday. Here are 4 ideas to give your sales a boost by spreading the love.

1. Heart’s Day deals


Create Valentine’s Day promos to help boost your sales. You can add a gift item for a minimum purchase or make Valentine’s packages. This will encourage your customers to add a little extra to their usual purchase.

2. Vouchers for two


You can offer services for two in the form of gift cards. This can be at a 15 percent to 20 percent discounted rate, depending on your capacity, from how much it would usually cost for those services.

3. Gift’s on us


Offer a freebee or a special Valentine’s Day token when customers choose to purchase from you on Valentine’s Day. This gives shoppers a reason to pick your establishment over your competitors.

4. Something special


Get creative with a Valentine’s Day special. This can be little tweaks in your products and services that help bring out the loving feeling. Not only did your customers enjoy Valentine's Day at your shop, they could also be posting about it on social media, which could be free publicity for your business.

Valentine's Day may be a few days away but it’s not yet too late to ramp up your marketing strategies. You can always find freelance professionals on to help you with anything that you might need whether it be a poster design, voucher designs or online marketers to make sure your Valentine’s day gimick reachers a broad audience.

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