Saudi Arabia has a budding film industry, with a number of A-list movies previously adopting the country for location shooting. 

Earlier this year, the kingdom lifted the ban on cinemas, introducing theaters across its regions to accelerate the film industry's growth. 

With many young Saudis promising to make their mark internationally, we take a look at some Saudis who have already starred in foreign productions and nailed it.

1. Khalil Al Rawaaf

Khalil Al Rawaf was born in 1895 in Qassim, Saudi Arabia, and was a camel herder during his youth. He is widely believed to be the first Arab to be cast in a Hollywood film, according to Al Arabiya.

After moving to America, Rawaf starred in the major 1937 Hollywood movie "I Cover The War" alongside John Wayne, in which he played the role of a Bedouin guard.

2. Dina Shihabi

Born in Riyadh, Dina Shihabi is known for starring as the protagonist in the 2014 American film "Amira & Sam".

Shihabi is also starring in the upcoming CIA drama series "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" - to be released at the end of August 2018 - alongside John Krasinski.

3. Ahd Kamel

The Jeddah native is well-known for her role as Fatima Asif in BBC Two's mini-series "Collateral".

She is an alumnus of the prestigious New York Film Academy and has directed and acted in Award-nominated short films like "The Shoemaker" and "Sanctity".

4. Aiysha Hart

The Saudi-British actress has been part of many major productions, including the BBC drama "Atlantis", police procedural TV series "Line of Duty", and independent UK film "Honour".

She is also expected to appear in American film "Colette" and British TV series "A Discovery Of Witches".