Dubai spoils us with constant sunshine, great work opportunities and fantastic services to the extent that we become really picky after living in this emirate for too long. It’s Dubai’s fault really, for constantly trying to offer us and the world the highest standards of everything.

On the subject of being picky, and if we really want to be fussy, then we have to complain about these 4 first world problems that become kind of annoying after staying long enough in this city. They show just how spoiled we’ve really become:

1. Lack of clear signs on the roads


Dubai is a small place, but the roads are a bit complicated. One of the most annoying things about driving in Dubai is the few signs on the roads that give the drivers clear directions. On some roads, the signs suddenly disappear and you are left on your own! If you are new to Dubai then don’t feel bad about getting lost on your way home for the first month or so. We’ve all been there my friend!

2. The petrol station dilemma


Unlike Abu Dhabi, Dubai has a serious shortage of the number of petrol stations, which is weird since UAE is one of the world's biggest petrol producers. Some of the city's biggest neighborhoods don’t have petrol stations. Queuing up for up to 15 minutes at a gas station is a very familiar but an irksome chore for the residents of Dubai.

3. Chasing ATMs


Banks in Dubai are everywhere, but finding an ATM can be like going on an easter egg hunt. Sometimes, you have to take a long walk to find a cash machine. Other times, you have to visit the main branch to deposit a cheque or do transfers, which is really time consuming.

4. Where is my parking spot?!


How many times have you visited a friend but couldn’t find a spot in the visitor’s parking? Or got to your favorite restaurant but couldn’t figure out where the parking area is, let alone find a spot in it? Why are there three towers in every JLT cluster but not enough parking spots for visitors or residents? Why do we have to waste 10 minutes every morning in Media city to find a spot to park our cars? RTA… HELLO??