2016 is right around the corner and it's time to start writing down our New Year's resolutions for the coming year. We all have things we say we want to do but never get around to it because they are either far-fetched, unrealistic or we're just too lazy to follow through. These 30 things are all achievable if you set your mind to it. Let's begin:

1. Read 12 books, at least one in Arabic

2. Travel to a country in the region you haven't been to before

3. Learn to make grape leaves

4. Perfect your hummus

5. Cut back on argileh or another bad habit you've picked up

6. Have bonjus & man2oushe at least twice this year

7. Discover a nature reserve in your hometown

8. Learn to make the famous Levantine dessert, meghli

9. Visit your grandparents at least once every 2 weeks

10. Make two people laugh everyday

11. Start a charity jar & put $2 a day for the rest of the year

12. Get rid of 12 unnecessary things in your home

13. Learn to be more punctual

14. Watch at least 3 Arabic movies

15. Learn to make Arabic coffee, the right way!

16. Donate $300 to the children's cancer center in your hometown

17. Reduce your intake of red meat & processed meats

18. Start flossing your teeth

19. Stop procrastinating

20. Learn to say 'Hello' in 10 MENA languages

21. Cut back on your soda intake

22. Volunteer at a TEDx event in your country, if available

Check TEDx in: Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, Amman, Riyadh

23. Reconnect with a friend you've been wanting to reach out to

24. Participate in an obstacle race in the region

25. Show your mom how much you appreciate her

26. Throw away all the remote controls you don't use

27. Ride a camel with no fear

28. Make it out to the Dead Sea in Jordan

29. Cut down on pita bread

30. Visit one amazing castle  in the MENA region