The United States presidential election is finally over. Donald Trump is now president-elect of the United States. 

The news was announced in the waking hours of the Arab world, a region that has borne the brunt of US Foreign Policy thanks to the area's geopolitical significance and relative abundance of resources. 

Needless to say, Arabs had a lot to say about the election of a candidate who promises overhauls in US foreign policy as well as domestic policies regarding, among a plethora of other issues and groups, Muslims and refugees. 

And it's quite a mixed bag. 

1. On diplomacy, no matter what

2. On racism

3. On comedy

4. On ISIS

5. On time and friendship

6. On Reality TV

7. On "orange" presidents

8. On coping

9. On Obama

10. On American refugee camps

11. On finding common ground

12. On the statue of "liberty"

13. On condolences

14. On women's rights

15. On superpowers dictating the region's future

16. On first times

17. On despair

18. On artistic commentary

19. On silent majorities

20. On reality checks

21. On defying science

22. On leaving Amreeka

23. On transplanting Arab-style campaigning on a bizarre election

24. On "radically different paths"

25. On "two-state solutions" ... but not in Palestine

26. On shaken empires

27. On The Donald's effect on the planet

28. On predicting his Middle East policy

29. On democracy, love it or hate it

30. On being utterly and completely...speechless