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Source: Gulf News

If you thought $100 is too expensive for a bottle of perfume, get ready to be blown away. UAE perfumer Asghar Adam Ali just launched a fragrance that costs a whopping $1.293 million.

Yes, you read that right. Would you like to see the full number written? That would be $1,293,677. 

The perfume is called Shumukh, which translates to "deserving the highest," and its creation took 494 trials over three years ... just about the number of years you'd need to save up for that already expensive $100 bottle.

The product comes in a bottle that's set with over "3,500 sparkling diamonds, totaling 38.55 carats, as well as topaz, pearls, 18-karat gold weighing more than two kilos and more than five kilos of pure silver."

With a packaging that stands at 197 centimeters, Shumukh is anything but tiny, and its makers say its scent could last on the skin for over 12 hours. So, in conclusion, it's impossible to steal. 

Also, if you're ever in a financial pickle - because why would someone who paid a full $1 million on PERFUME not go through hard times - just scoop out a diamond or two and you'll get the salary of any medium-wage paid employee.

A perfume taller than you AND with its own embedded jewelry store? What a catch! 

Shumukh most expensive perfume in the world
Source: Gulf News

Speaking to Gulf News, Ali, who's the chairman and master perfumer at Nabeel Perfumes, said the fragrance pays homage to "the spirit of Dubai."

"My vision was not only to capture Dubai's persona in one monumental piece of art, but to also create a fragrance that embodied the pinnacle of luxury in the world of perfumery," he said.

The perfume's price tag broke a Guinness World Record. The previous title holder, the Clive Christian No. 1 Collection fragrance (launched in 2005), was valued at $205,000 per 500 ml bottle.

The perfume bottle is now on display in Dubai Mall's Fashion Avenue

People are already snapping selfies with it

Some reacted to it with sarcasm

"Oh my God, it's so cheap, isn't there one for 10 million?"

"Every spray is worth 100,000 dirhams"

"Would you buy it?"

Watch up close the details on the "bottle":