Ah, to be young.

1.  Never drink on a weekday

Seriously, getting up in the morning will feel worse than death.

2. When it comes to weather, mama knows best

If your mama says it's cold outside, you better believe it's cold outside.

3. Coffee is the elixir of life

So you better make sure you always have coffee around.

4. There is such a thing as "going out too much"

You're not old but you're not particularly young either, so cut your body some slack.

5.  But that doesn't mean you should be a couch potato

A little fresh air would do you good.

6. Never smoke that first cigarette

Smoking might seem cool when you're young but guess what? It's not.

7. Don't let the bullies get you down

It's a tough experience but take from it the importance of standing up for yourself.

8. Forgive

You don't need to carry that baggage around.

9.  Listen

People ask for help in many different ways and you never when someone is trying to reach out to you.

10. Exercise

It doesn't necessarily have to be at a gym, just get your body moving, your blood flowing and your heart rate going.

11. Clean and decorate your room

You'll feel better staying in personalized clean place - Your very own haven.

12. Express yourself

Whether the music you listen to, what you wear or how you cut your hair, it's important to express yourself

13. Indulge

You owe yourself a treat every now and then.

14. Eat right

A bit of junk every now and then is alright but don't over do it.

15. Buy the stuff you want

There's no point in depriving yourself of material things but you still have to be sensible about your purchases.

16. Don't be too hard on yourself

The world is filled with critics so don't be your own self critic.

17. Advocate

Use your voice to speak for those who are unable to.

18. Respect life

Respect all life forms because the earth doesn't belong to us.

19. Learn and develop

Instead of spending hours on end doing nothing, try reading, researching and learning about a variety of topics you find interesting.

20. Be kind

We all have our struggles and it just isn't right to add to it by being unkind to one another.

21. It's OK to be silly

Ain't nothing wrong with a bit of goofiness.

22. Enjoy your allowance

It won't be too long before you have to, you know, get a job.

23. Some things just don't work out.

If you're not happy in a relationship, leave.

24. Never settle for less than what you deserve

Nobody is going to fight for you as hard as you'll fight for yourself.

25. Volunteer

Spend some of your free time volunteering for a worthy cause. Not only will you be helping others in need but you will also feel better about yourself.