What would we do without those tiny dekkenes we have on every single corner of every single street in Lebanon? Home to local producers, walking into a dekkene without AC in the midst of summer and no heat during winter, there's just something about them that makes them so special.

There are certain things you just expect to find while you're there and would feel wrong if they were missing. Which is your favorite?

1. All kinds of Chiclets gum

2. Gandour gum

3. This delicious chocolate bar

4. These famous cookies

5. Fairy

6. Picon

7. Glass bottled Pepsi

8. Tarboosh

9. Roll of steel wool

10. Choco Prince

11. Puck

12. Dabke

13. This plastic piggy bank


14. Bonjus

15. Fantasia

16. Kiri

17. Yamama

18. Master chips

19. Unica

20. Tutti Frutti

21. Zwan hot dogs

22. Demolino

23. Bic pens of course!