Since the beginning of time, Saida has been a "must-see" destination for anyone coming into Lebanon.

It combines a whole lot of history and a unique hospitable atmosphere making it a memorable place to visit. We've compiled a whole bunch of things you can do while you're there. Here it goes:

1. Because our Crusader Castle is a sea castle

Fun fact: During the winter of 1227-1228, the crusaders decided to fortify the Saida port. In a few short months, they built this impressive fortress over a Phoenician site. The castle was partially destroyed and then rebuilt multiple times until it was bombed by the British marines in 1840. It is the emblem of Saida city.  Opening hours: From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m./ 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in winter

2. To visit a Phoenician temple of healing

Eshmoun Temple is an assemblage of ruins dedicated to the Phoenician god of healing. If you're feeling blue, this temple might be the solution.

3. Because if Phoenician and Crusader history is too old for you, we also have the Ottoman-era Khan El Franj

4. There's no better way to start your day than by at  a "kaak" cart in Old Saida

5. Because you can find anything on a walk around the old souks

6. Where else are you going to find a soap museum

7. To grab the best sandwich you've ever had, from Bash Ahmad

8. And then dessert at Kanaan Sweets

9. To find some peace and quiet on a walk in Bramiyeh

10. Or to enjoy the bustle and hustle of the corniche

11. Where you can grab some "foul akhdar" with lemon juice

12. Or some cotton candy

13. Not the active type? Come to Saida to enjoy the view at Rest House Saida

14. To visit Omari Mosque

15. And the oldest mosque in Old Saida: Bab Al-Saray

It has a 20-meter minaret.

16. Because you must have a sanyoura

A Saida specialty

17. To visit the castle of St Louis

18. & the Debanne Palace

19. Lunch time! Falafel at Abou Rami's is a MUST

20. Or shawarma from Snack Naamani a.k.a Abou Bahij

Or maybe even both.

21. To take a boat trip to Ziri Island

22. Because you can only get delicious sweets from Al-Kassir in Saida!