If you want to understand the origins of a country, look at its flag. Flags show you what a state's founders wished for their people. They show you moments in history the first rulers viewed as essential to the nation. 

Flag design is a practice in identity formation, which is especially delicate and important when the nation-state in question was born out of borders drawn by colonialists. 

1. Egypt

2. Algeria

3. Sudan

4. Iraq

5. Morocco

6. Saudi Arabia

7. Yemen

8. Syria

9. Tunisia

10. Somalia

11. Jordan

12. Libya

13. United Arab Emirates

14. Palestine

15. Lebanon

16. Oman

17. Kuwait

Kuwait's flag draws its colors from a poem by Safie Al-Deen Al-Hali. 
White are our deeds
Black are our battles
Green are our lands 
Red are our swords 

18. Mauritania

19. Qatar

20. Bahrain

21. Djibouti

22. Comoros