Twitter is much more than an open platform, it's a *magical* place to express one's self without holding a single thing back.

We've collected twenty of the funniest banters tweeted by Arabs this week.

Are you ready? 

1. When you have a big brother

“When the boys in the hood hit you and you bring your big brother to avenge you.”

2. Tweny blus fayf

“How do you live single that long?

I have mental relationships in my head without committing.” 

3. Traffic struggle

4. "The only headlines that matter"

5. Halal sugar daddy

6. Google translate, whatcha doin fam

"An alligator is following you! Run you idiot!"  

7. But I changed for you

"KSA: It's time to go back to moderate Islam and fight extremism. 

Egypt: But I changed for you!"

8. Islamic school

9. When the commentator just *needs* to bring Arabic history into the game

We lost that war. *Facepalm*

10. The cycle of reading the material

"The triangle of reading the curriculum:

*Opens Book*

*Dafuq is this?*

*Closes book*"

11. Not your proudest moment

"Embarrassing FAP." 

12. Flip flops

13. Toothpaste's life span

"A person who is convinced from the very first time that the toothpaste tube is indeed empty... And instead of hopelessly squeezing while cursing all religions and gods realizes that the only solution is to hop to the nearest shop to buy another... It's a rare creature but such a person can be found..."

14. The motorcycle crisis

"Ask me to die for you and I will

But do not ask me for this *motsik* (motorcycle)."

15. Lebanese pride

"To every person who considers the cedar tree a symbol of resistance in Lebanon, remember the price of Bonjus (250 L.L.) has remained the same since the French mandate." 

16. I'm suddenly OK

"How much is this jacket?

2000 EGP ($113)

Man, and I thought it was cold!"

17. Doctor? Engineer? Please!

18. For last minute inspiration

19. Ouch

20. When you copy your homework and forget to change the name

"When we copy each other's portfolio."