Okra stew or "bamya" (bemye) is a dish that has Arabs divided. Some love it, but the majority of us despise it, to say the least.  

The hate towards the meal often inspires long online feuds, jokes, and even memes. 

Here are a few posts about "bamya" that will make you LOL:

1. Every single time anyone makes bamya

2. "Bala bamya bala bta3"

3. Because what's worse than bamya?

4. Evil laugh = bamya

5. Why? Why????

6. When bamya memes are life

7. "When the reporter tells you that your mom is making bemye for lunch"

8. That's bamya speaking

9. Just remember

10. You think you know horror stories? Think again

11. "Life is too short to eat bemye"

12. The only way to make bamya

13. Arabs won't even eat it for free

"You're kidding, Burj El Hamem is serving bemye today for 18,000 LL. People won't even eat it for free."

14. Bamya lovers aren't okay

15. Even Kendrick Lamar can relate

16. If I don't eat bamya, you better not eat bamya

17. Arab mothers aren't taking the hint

18. The hate is serious

19. "Is my mom working there?"

20. This tweep has it on point