How many times have you taken offense when a foreigner mispronounces an Arabic word?

But, oftentimes, we tend to dismiss the fact that we tend to add our own twist to English words. Naturally, hilarious versions of English words and brand names are born.

1. Put the la7me in the "friza"

2. If you're nauseous, drink "sefen"

3. Where's my "tabarwer"?

4. I had "corn flex" for breakfast this morning

5. I bought the 2015 "Pasfander" model

6. I need some "bekimbawdr" from the market

7. I got into an accident with a "jeeb"

8. I'm craving some "Makadonis"

9. There is a "bikam" blocking the road

10. I'm making some "beftak" for dinner

11. In Arabic, we don't say "sabah el kheir" ... we say "bonjour"

12. I can't find the "rimooon" anywhere in the house

13. How's the "3ariis" doing?

14. I won't take "inshallah" for an answer

15. "Aloe" vera, anyone?

16. I want to add you on "Face"

17. My battery is dead, can I borrow a "church"?

18. Getting around through traffic on a "moskitel" is much smarter

19. "Sickuseme" I was in line first

20. I'm hosting a party, can you bring "bringgirls" with you?