The "starter pack" trend consists of one of the funniest memes on the internet. This informative guideline embeds many stereotypes in the most-hilarious way you could possibly imagine. 

Add to it some Arab flair and you get a trending online topic...

Here's a collection targeting Arabs:

1. Wallah man

2. The "inshallah"

3. The "bezer" addiction

4. Our dads are special in their own way

5. The profile pic

6. The plain white shirt

7. For the love of Ahmad

8. The Lebanese version

9. High school coolness

10. Our moms are precious

11. The Arab gang

12. The "cool" guy

13. "I'm on a diet"

14. 7th grade swag

15. When you're new to Facebook

16. The "Arab living in US"

17. Arab moms

18. The random Arab uncle who comes over for food

19. The Tim Hortons fever

20. Arab girls in England