If you're about to become an Arab mom, then let's be clear: the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree. At least some of these 19 scenarios will apply to you.

1. You will take rhyming to new levels

Because you're too lazy to come up with an argument. 

2. You'll be an expert at guilt-tripping

3. Long phone calls are essential

Especially when you start having extremely long phone call sessions with your mother about being a mother. 

4. You'll be a living breathing "Lost & Found"

Because if you don't develop this essential skill, you will have to deal with your kids' continuous tantrums. No one wants that. 

5. You'll envision your child's wedding day from the moment they're born

6. "Inshallah" is an easy way out of everything

You avoid confrontation at all costs and "inshallah" will help you when you desperately want to say no, but can't say it up front. 

7. You will always, always be right

It's just easier that way sometimes. You are always right. Even when you're wrong, you're right. Use it. 

8. Recycling ... you'll be great at it

Your first child comes along. His/her wardrobe will not be put in the trash or given out to a charity right away. 

1. You wait years so you can pass them along to your second child 

2. When the clothes eventually become horrendous, you will donate them to your dust rag collection 

3. When the dust rags become dust ... only then will you throw them away

9. You will be an equal-opportunity scolder

If you're not yelling, you're not doing your job. 

10. Like we said...


You just want your child to have a bright future. You will be open to whatever life your child chooses in the end, but it wouldn't hurt to give your input ... every once (on ten times) in a while. 

12. You will make things look impossibly neat

And those little white cloths do the trick. Always.

13. And everything look fancy

14. Pita bread will be the answer to everything

15. "Overprotective" will be an understatement

Especially for first-time moms. You know who you are. 

16. Interrogation 101

17. There will only be one answer to everything

18. And one question that will need to be asked every single day

19. Turkish soap operas

No matter how badly you try to resist this ... it will eventually become a thing. Your escape. The place you learn how to handle family drama ... with drama.