World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosted The Greatest Royal Rumble, a professional wrestling tournament, on April 27 in Saudi Arabia as 60,000 people attended the sold-out event. 

The historic event, the first wrestling match in the region, took place at the King Abdullah International Stadium ... as men, women, and families tuned in to several live wrestling matches.

A video of professional wrestler Titus O'Neil's entrance - in which he falls and slides beneath the stage - soon became the topic of discussion on Twitter, ultimately turning into a viral meme. 

1. Of course, Egypt's very own Mohamed Henedy weighed in on the discussion

"When I try to be positive and optimistic."

2. "ME ... when I'm running away from life"

3. Hide & Seek 101

4. GIFs came to life

5. Sliding into my girl's DM be like

6. The meme that had to be made

7. Not a first for Titus

8. The resemblance is uncanny

9. Titus sliding ... into a bowling lane?

10. Titus' response was savage AF

11. MOOD

12. Titus' fall wasn't the only thing people were talking about

13. A photo of MBS watching the event also made the rounds online

14. WWE CEO thanked the kingdom for "giving the Greatest Royal Rumble to the WWE Universe"

15. "A massive THANK YOU to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people for their incredible hospitality" - Triple H

16. "Everybody worked their asses off tonight"

17. "What a day"

18. "What a night"

19. "Phenomenal event"

However, it wasn't all GREAT news

Promotional footage of female wrestlers appeared on the big screens during the wrestling tournament, causing a stir in the kingdom.

Following the airing of the photos and videos, state television cut off the broadcast.

Saudi Arabia's sport authority apologized for the "appearance of scantily clad women," according to BBC, and "indecent scenes."

WWE superstars Carmella, Bayley, and Sasha Banks appeared in "outfits of tank tops, bras and leotards."

"The authority has made sure to ban showing of any segment that involves women wrestling or any scenes related to it, and stipulated that to the company (WWE)," the kingdom's sports authority said in a statement.

Prior to the event, WWE sparked outrage among Twitter users for its exclusion of female wrestlers from the 50-person lineup in the forthcoming event. 

WWE was also questioned about its decision to hold the event in Saudi Arabia, a country that has been heavily criticized for its treatment of women as second-class citizens.

Online users called out WWE for conforming to Saudi Arabia's customs and traditions, which contradicts its "Women's Evolution" program that encourages women to partake in wrestling matches.