The United States presidential election is finally over. Donald Trump is now president-elect of the United States. 

Donald Trump. The candidate who called for a Muslim ban into the country. The candidate who time and again publicly announced his hate towards minority groups, Arabs included. 

The candidate who is the first to be voted into the White House with no political experience whatsoever. The candidate whose campaign has been characterized by Islamophobic and xenophobic comments. 

The 2016 elections was indeed one of the most polarizing campaigns in the history of the United States. And Hillary Clinton was certainly not the embodiment of tolerance and progressive values. But, Trump? 

Donald Trump is going to be the president of the United States. American Muslims are scared. African Americans are scared.  Syrian refugees are scared. Latinos are scared. The LGBT community is scared. 

Because Donald Trump.  

1. His presidency is "heart"-breaking news

2. "Say it out loud" from a British-Muslim journalist

3. "We move on. We move forward."

4. Can't forget

5. Some have vowed never to call Trump "President"

6. The future of our children

7. "We shall never surrender"

8. "A stab in the heart"

9. Don't tell us to relax

10. Hate as national policy

11. Terrified to live in her own country

12. "In tears"

13. Will Trump ever realize how much Muslims have contributed to the country?

14. And how disrespectful he is to the women of the world?

15. Hate won

16. Still, these two Muslims give us hope

17. But, in Trump's words ... we have failed "bigly"

18. Some dark humor prevailed

19. "Don't wear the Hijab please"

20. The threat is real

21. O say can you see ... can you?