There are some things that nobody would ever say in the UAE because frankly, they wouldn't make any sense at all. After you spend enough time in the country, you'll start to understand.

UAE residents have taken to Twitter to share some of these things, using the hashtag 'said no on in the UAE ever.' Needless to say, the tweets are bound to make anyone familiar with the country LOL.

Here are some of the highlights.

1. Summer vacay in the UAE? LOL

2. About the food ...

3. Searching for a massage?

4. Who wants a new shopping mall?

5. Because there definitely isn't enough retail space ...

6. And the mall parking experience is superb

7. On Etisalat's infamous customer service

8. On salaries ...

9. Saving money?

10. The traffic

11. Driving problems ...

12. And traffic violations ...

13. And Sharjah ...

14. The brunch culture

15. Who would ever want to fly with Emirates?!?

16. School fees dropping?

17. But hey ... people get stuck despite the minor problems