There's a reason Facebook places these unsolicited messages in a completely separate inbox. 

They are creepy, annoying and a total invasion of privacy. Some of the time, the messages are harmless. Hilariously harmless.

A number of Lebanese girls shared their own set of messages with us. 

1. "I present myself" ....................... *drumroll*

2. You are half the moon

3. Not just creepy, but high-maintenance too

4. "3am bet3alam Almane"

5. Redefining "falsafe"

6. A 30-minute graphical presentation

7. "Can I please by khadem 3indek for FREE"

8. Kinda obsessed with 50 Shades of Grey

9. The "mhandes"

10. Smileys all around

11. Princesse "arabe"

12. This guy would like to "build a friendship"

13. Elegance

14. Persistence

15. XAXA is the new XOXO

16. Darouri net3araf ... darouri

17. Inti "mashallah"