While Egypt's Red Sea coast usually gets all the love, it's not the only country to border the beautiful body of water.

Saudi Arabia's coastline is every bit as breathtaking and we can prove it to you.

1. Just check this pristine beach

2. And this gorgeous sunset

3. You can slip below the waves ...

4. and capture the perfect profile pic ...

5. While observing the incredible underwater creatures

6. Maybe you will even make a new friend?

7. Who doesn't want to catch a sea turtle?

8. Of course there is a lot to see and enjoy above water as well

9. Relax in comfort on shore ...

10. Or chill on the speedboat with your bros

11. Contemplate the sea's expanse while fishing

12. Enjoy some extreme water sport fun

13. Maybe you can capture the sun?

14. Or at least enjoy the view as it sinks below the waves

15. And then watch it rise again in the morning

16. Just look at that sky!

17. What are you waiting for? It's time to dive in.