1. Say bye-bye to all the courses you wanted to take

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2. Schedule an infinite number of alarms because you need to start waking up at a decent hour like a decent human being

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I'll be good, I promise, just give me 30 more minutes with my bed.

3. Your best friend is caffeine.

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Bitch better have my coffee.

4. You try not to sleep while the professor reads the syllabus...

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Why am I even here?

5. ... Because when it's drop/add period, no one comes to class anyway.

I should have stayed in bed.

6. You elbow your way through campus when it's rush hour

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Lay low until it's after 2 p.m.

7. So many fliers are distributed outside your campus' gate

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We don't want your stinking fliers!

8. Some even take it a little bit further and offer free samplers

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Free coffee! Free cereal! Where's my milk, though?

9. And you just want to stay home when it's clubs day

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No, I don't want to enroll in Chess club, the Japanese cultural club, or the campus yearbook.

10. The university's career center starts clogging your university email

Oh look, a notification! Oh but no... it's just the career center. AGAIN .

11. You party every night but when you realize your midterm's tomorrow...

What is wrong with me?!

12. When your professors never give you grades the entire semester and you don't know where you stand

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13. Finding a desk in your campus library is an actual treasure hunt

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And when you find one: "ALL MINE. I'M NEVER LEAVING."

14. When your professors realize the semester's about to end so they cram you with assignments

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3 final papers, 2 finals, and 1 project in 4 days.

15. And then you have to wait two weeks after finals period to get your grades and you're already thinking of telling your parents that you applied to work at that fast food restaurant down the block

You start promising yourself that you'll take the semester break to read up on the courses you're taking, that you'll start studying everyday, that you'll have to cut back on the alcohol.

16. But when you actually get your grades, you find out you  slayed  this semester

You totally knew it.