1. If your room is not yours alone, you know that there is no such thing as a private phone call

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You've mastered the art of whispering and using code names for everything

2. Or anything private, for that matter

3. You have to wake up every time one of your siblings' alarms goes off

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4. And then it's like a circus every morning, everyone's bumping into each other trying to get what they want

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5. Somehow, the room's always a mess

6. And somehow it's always your fault

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7. Drowning in your own sweat/freezing to death when someone else has the AC remote

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It is the holy grail of all remotes, fight for it

8. If one of you wants to listen to music, you all are listening to music

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9. If one of you wants to turn the lights out, you’re all condemned to darkness

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10. And if you come in after someone went to sleep, you will bump into at least 15 things on your way to bed in the dark

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11. But, you do get an extra closet with each sibling you have

At least 1 closet/sibling

12. You form a union against your parents, with meetings every night

13. When you're bored, there's always someone to hang out with

You end up doing the weirdest things

14. If you're sick, you get a live-in nurse

All their evilness seems to fade in the face of mortality

15. You get free personal consultants

16. And pillow talks are honestly the deepest most genuine talks of your entire life

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So even if you're stuck with several siblings, just know it's all for the best!