Being Arab isn't easy, what with Islamophobia on the rise and one-dimensional analyses by pundits and so called experts on mainstream media.  

As a result we end up having to answer the same questions, over and over again. So here's a string of answers to the most common ones. 

1. Don't get me wrong, but do you ride camels?

I swear to God I saw this one coming! 

No, I'm dying to try it though. 

2. How are the oil prices doing nowadays?

Thanks for asking me this, but I have no idea.

3. Are you rich?

Uhm... Nope!

4. How come your English is so good?

Thank you, it's called commitment, the effects of globalization and cultural colonialism. 

5. Are your parents educated?

Uhm... I'm done. You've just denied yourself the falafel sandwich I was going to buy you.

6. How come you're not married yet? You're 22!

So you've bought into the whole 'all Arabs are married by 17' narrative? LOL :D 

7. Speaking of marriage, do you do arranged marriages? Or love marriages?

We do divorce! :P 

8. Do you speak Arab?

Yes, just like you speak American! 

9. I have this friend from Arabia, do you know him?

Yes, I know everyone in the Arabian peninsula! 

For real???

10. Do you go to sleep with your Hijab on?

Ask me the other one too, do I shower with it?!

11. How come you're brown and he is black and you're from the same country?!

I'm speechless. 

12. Asking a girl in Hijab: Do you have hair?!

13. Do you support ISIS?

Excuse my language... But, hell no!!!

14. So are you Shia or Sunni?

As if these are the only two options. 

What about Christians, Druze, Jews and other unknown religions in the Arab region? 

15. Will your family force you to marry your cousin?

Wait, what?!

16. How come you're Arab and so nice?

It's a joke! But seriously, enough with these questions!