Dearborn, Michigan, is home to many Arabs who have fled their hometowns for many different reasons be it political or personal, my family included. You have people from all over the region including Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Yemen and, ever since the Gulf War, Iraq. With the number of Arabs over there, the city is bound to adopt the culture. In Dearborn's case, sometimes it seems it was adopted a bit too heavily.

Here are 15 ways Dearborn is more Arab than the Arab world:

1. Argileh all day, everyday. Otherwise known as "hookah"

...Even on the go

In gas stations too ... my gosh

2. Never do they ever miss an opportunity to show off their Arab heritage

3. The term "halal" is used to label almost everything


4. Where tattoos are taken to another level

5. And mini-pizzas are found in every single bakery ... on every corner

6. Where Byblos is more than just a day-trip ... it's where magic happens!

7. A doctor or lawyer is the family's major accomplishment


8. And Falafel is more than just a meal

9. Dating the "Arab" way is an actual thing ...


10. And the Arabic language is actually spoken

11. The word "inshallah" is integrated into almost every sentence ... even online

12. Where shawarma has become a topping on pizzas ...

13. Hospitable environment too ... beyond measures

14. Trying to hard to speak a language that is not your mother tongue ... in North America!

15. Only in Dearborn?

We've had our fair share of animals crossing roads, highways, whatever it is. I think we can call it even.