You know you're an Arab hipster when ...

1. You hate Arabic music ... but you're probably heading to Wasla Festival this Friday

You're not a fan of tarab music, but it's another story when it comes to Arabic alternative bands.

That's why you're probably headed to the Wasla Music Festival in Dubai this weekend!

Mashrou' Leila, Souad Massi and JadaL will be there, among others.

2. And of course, Fairuz and Umm Kalthoum are beloved classics

2. But even if you "hate" the music ... you'll definitely dabke your heart out in the right setting

Arab pride always wins.

3. You wear your keffiyeh as fashion, and a political statement

Source: Jason Lemon

It's the fashionable scarf you wear with pride, but it's also how you broadcast your Arab identity.

It's also convenient, in case you have to join a last minute protest.

4. And you love t-shirts with quirky Arabic

5. Or t-shirts with cool Arab themes

6. You're rocking dreads, a man bun or both

Of course, the beard just comes standard in this part of the world.

7. This is totally your ideal study spot

Rakweh anyone?

8. You love to talk about your trip (or planned trip) to Nepal or Vietnam

Really, it's very original of you. Nobody ever went to find themselves in these countries before you thought to.

Be proud of your unique experience.

9. You're "learning" German, Portuguese or Spanish

Because French and English are so mainstream.

10. You prefer to roll your cigarettes

Even though cigarettes are cheap in the Arab world, you "prefer the taste" of rolled cigarettes. Besides, the packaged tobacco is "cleaner."

It definitely has nothing to do with the European friends you met ... who did this just to save money.

11. Shisha was cool ... before it was mainstream

12. Arak is your drink of choice

Cocktails are so mainstream ... 

13. European beer > than local

Even if Heineken is simply mainstream in Europe, you insist it's the best option over here.

Of course, you'll also drink craft beer ... if it's available.

14. You'd ride a bike ... but the infrastructure isn't built for it

You'd love to start biking everywhere, but the infrastructure just makes it too hard.

If you're one of the brave few who actually started biking, you win. 

15. You're learning oud, step by step

It's definitely a great addition to your room, but you don't actually pick it up as often as you should.