Getting trolled on Twitter can be one of the funniest things to ever grace your timeline. But imagine when an entire country dedicates an Arabic tweeting account for that sole purpose. 


1. Stating the obvious

"@AL7ashime: How can I travel to Sweden?

Sweden: By plane."

2. Before tweeting, get your facts checked

"@NawafOsaimi: Did you know in Sweden there are almost no surveillance cameras and crimes are almost nonexistent! All recorded crimes are done by mistake!

Sweden: That's not true.

@NawafOsaimi: What's your source?

Sweden: The cameras can be seen in all public places around you.

@NawafOsaimi: Excuse me, for the correct answer is Norway.

Norway: Try another country.

@NawafOsaimi: OK, it's Japan.

Japan: Nor Japan.

Mohamed Henedy: Say Egypt, we won't deny."

3. The proverb connection

"There's a Swedish proverb that says:

'To put onion on the salmon'

In Arabic, there's a proverb that says:

'To make the mud more wet'.


4. Randomly correcting news websites

"@AlMasryAlYoum:  Will 'Hakim', the successor of Oum Koulthoum and the Andalib in France, get a Nobel prize for singing?

Sweden: There is no Nobel Prize for singing. There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics. *Facepalm*."

5. Sweden sets you straight

"@Alyoum24: Solitary confinement in Sweden.

Sweden: This is not a prison in Sweden, this is the Alcatraz Hotel in Germany and the picture is from their website."

6. You wanna play games? We play games.

"Sweden: Got any questions about Sweden minus immigration inquiries? 

@s3ed_m: What's your mother's name? 

Sweden: Abbas."

7. Sweden and Norway throwing shade at each other is all the entertainment we need

"Sweden: In Sweden, the Norwegian language is considered childish because its words contain a lot of diphthongs.

Norway: In Norway, we say that Swedes are better at singing than talking.

Sweden: It is also said in Sweden that changing a light bulb requires seven Norwegian people.

Norway: It is also said in Norway that in order to sink a Swedish submarine all you have to do is knock." 

8. Where is Ibra?

"@ThisYazed: Where do you think Zlatan is?

Sweden: Do I look like his wife?"

9. Sweden is a feminist

"@Dhahi_Khalfan: When a woman says no she usually means to say yes / Swedish proverb.

Sweden: When a woman says no she means no."

10. Shutting down Islamophobes

"@DrNehaia: What is your comment on this travesty?

Sweden: A form of democracy.

@Mahamohsen79: She lives within their security, eats from their food, is pampered by their humanity, but she does not shake the hands of the ones providing all that! A lice living on their land!

Sweden: By law, this is considered religious freedom."

11. Try again Trump

"Sweden: Yesterday, the U.S. President spoke of terrorist incidents allegedly occurring last night in Sweden. The Swedish Embassy sent a request to inquire about this.

-Some events from yesterday evening in Stockholm in front of government buildings."

12. I need me an Aroussa

"@Salamonty_: Don't you have a bride for me admin?

Sweden: What am I, your mother?"

13. #Aroussa

"@ModyDent11: What are the conditions for marrying a Swedish woman?

Sweden: To find one that would accept."

14. Not a single f*ck was given that day

"Sweden: Swedish is the official language in Sweden and Finland.

@i__remh: So, what is required?

Sweden: Running towards the wall without stopping."

15. Dream on

"@Dr_5abeer: When will you hold a draw for tickets, Visas, and accommodation?

Sweden: In your wildest dreams."