If you follow Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on social media, then you're probably a little jealous of his epic lifestyle.

When he's not on royal duty, Dubai's Crown Prince - also known as Fazza - is all about adventure. He visits the world's most splendid locations, challenges himself with new activities, and documents it all on his Instagram page.

Just a brief look at his photos will inspire you to go out and about, try new things, and live life to the fullest - but obviously, we commoners have to do it on a budget.

Not sure what adventure you should take on next? These photos from Fazza's Instagram page will give you serious #wanderlust vibes:

1. When he chilled at the bottom of the ocean

2. And oh-so-casually took selfies while swimming with sharks

3. He seems to enjoy exploring the deep blue seas

4. But mountain peaks are also totally his thing ...

5. And so are skyscrapers

6. When he jumped off a plane ... yet still managed to pose for this shot

7. He takes stunning photos like a pro

8. But he's not above cliché poses

9. When he pushes his body to the limit ...

10. Yet never forgets to marvel at the beauty of the moment

11. And of course, he makes new friends along the way

12. From scaling mountains ...

13. To strolling in deserts

14. Is there anything possibly left on his bucket list?

15. And the question remains: Is he hiring a travel buddy?