MTV Lebanon air a weekly etiquette segment on the network's morning show "Alive."

Presented by social protocol expert Nadine Daher, this TV spot is not quite like anything we've ever seen on Lebanese television.

In its episodes, Daher shares tips on how we should peel bananas, dress for riots, and exit WhatsApp groups. 

The result? Hilarious clips and videos that have gone viral online time and again. 

Here are a few of them: 

1. The "riot" etiquette tips no one really needed

In one of the show's episodes, Daher shared etiquette advice with Lebanese who were angrily protesting a waste disposal crisis in the summer of 2015.

Yep, you read that right.  

2. This photography etiquette advice

"MTV's etiquette expert during a segment on taking/posting photos of yourself: 'What gets online stays there forever.'"

3. Yep, tips on how to act in a library...

"MTV are truly living on another plant. First it was the etiquette for rioters... today library etiquette. Library???? Seriously???"

4. Then there was the WhatsApp group etiquette session...

Because we really can't go on living without that, right? 

5. There's also etiquette when it comes to breakups...

Of course, you'll be calm enough to think of manners when you're going through that. 

5. And flirting...

We just can't even... no really, we can't.

6. The etiquette guide to eating bananas... because the way we all do it is too mainstream

"You've got to peel a banana using a fork and knife, then chop it up and eat it. Yep, just as I am saying, this is the banana eating protocol on planet MTV."

7. Never touch an olive with your bare hands

"I watched this etiquette show on MTV and this woman is saying we have to eat olives using forks and knives. I am sorry but should we also use them to eat soup? MTV, please guide us." 

8. Don't you dare bite into an apple

Get your forks and knives out, you know the drill. 

9. The dining etiquette protocol is just out of this world

What is she talking about? No one really knows. We doubt anyone wants to know. 

10. The food related etiquette tips got their very own compilation

Gotta love the internet. 

11. Quitting your job etiquette...

No, you can't just storm out of the office... how rude. 

12. "Tea time" etiquette

Because we all do "Tea time" in Lebanon. 

13. The etiquette guide to eating in food courts

You really can't make any of this up. 

14. You think it can't get any worse right?

It does: "Funeral etiquette."

15. Mother/Daughter-in-law etiquette tips...

Case in point? There's an absurd etiquette guide for every single little thing.