Every culture has certain customs and traditions that pass from generation to generation ... but somehow weren't passed on to you, or were passed on too heavily. Either way, it somehow ends up getting the best of you.

Here are 15 times being Arab kind of made you want to crawl back into your shell and hide forever ...

1. When you get the piece of "hel" (cardamom) in your food


You know this just ruins your whole meal. Damn you cardamom!

2. When you showed up "late" to a party thinking you were late enough


Because you can't figure out what "fashionably" late actually means anymore.

3. When you failed to do the dabke properly at a wedding

4. Or simply suck at dancing to Arabic music


And people just insist you have to get on the dance-floor. Like please no.

5. That time when you forgot how to respond to: A'belik

giphy (1)

Because it was said to you so many times that your brain can't process a response anymore.

6. When you're 24 years old and still single


And yallaaaa with the pressure from family.

7. The only peanut butter/nutella desserts you were exposed to as a child were pita bread sandwiches

But they were damn good.

8. When your version of pancakes was actually qatayef ... and sometimes still is

Til now, your mom and teta see no difference in the two.

9. When you had to explain to your foreign friends that cousins getting married isn't that weird


Ma fee shi ismo incest bil Arab world.

10. Getting a random security check at the airport like ...


Happens all the time.

11. When there's no such thing as family secrets


Because your mom has to tell your khalto who has to tell your khalo who tells your grandma who tells the world.

12. When you can't say no to food when out at someone's house or you'll risk being labeled RUDE for life


They take it so personal. Gosh.

13. Growing up to be a superstitious freak because well...parents


You know what I'm talking about.

14. Accidentally saying words like "yaane" and "khalas" in all your conversations


To the point where you just teach your non-Arabic speaking friends these words to avoid explaining every time ...

15. And when this happened ...