There are countless things people miss about their childhood; trees seemed higher, colors appeared brighter, and having fun was certainly a lot easier.

Those who were born and lived in Egypt throughout the 90s definitely have a lot to miss. From Arabic songs and dubbed cartoons to anything else in life, there is no doubt the 90s were much better.

Here are 15 things Egyptian 90s kids will relate to:

1. One word: Kromba

Source: Fatakat

Having a big-sized Kromba was a huge deal for kids back then. This strawberry-scented doll was the first baby we ever took care of and cuddled with during bedtime.

We still have our Kromba at home and surprisingly, it still smells like strawberry after all these years.

2. Gercy was not just a chocolate

It was also a song, an anthem, and an ad we can't seem to forget. 

3. We had the most colorful hair bands

This fluffy rainbow band was our favorite thing about ponytails. 

4. Not to mention our glamorous butterfly hair clips

These ones would nestle in our hair like it's a garden. 

5. Karate: The best corn snack

If it ever makes a comeback, rest assured we will buy it again and again and again...

6. After Karate disappeared, Jolio became our favorite snack

This used to cost 25 Qirsh (Piastres) which is equivalent to $0.014. 

Bring back Karate and Jolio!!

7. You were definitely the best if you could open your "Best"

Source: Youm7

It was a serious struggle to open this juice pack... but it was all worth it.

8. Remember when you needed to use the bathroom at school?

"Teacher: I wish I could allow you to go to the bathroom but you'll have to wait for your classmate, who has just left, to come back first." 

It made absolutely no sense, especially when your bladder was begging you to run through the hallways.

9. Your mom coming to pick you up in the middle of school day was like Eid

And of course, every other student envied you and tried to fit in your backpack to escape this prison. 

10. Buying Jelly Cola was the best thing about lunch break

Source: Ablazaza

The undercover trades that would happen with these tiny Jelly Cola bottles are not to be discussed publicly. 

11. Who needed M&M's when you had Chicobon??

Ahhh yes, this has the 90s written all over it.

12. As many colors as possible in one century (80s to 90s)

The black and white era of photos was surely missed. 

13. Who can ever forget singing along this song

Batkallem Gad by Simone and Hamid El Shaeri was released in 1989, but survived a long while in our heads. 

14. These were our ring tones

Some were paid, but most were free... and they had to change on a weekly basis to show we're cool. 

15. We had the best TV ads back then

Or did we?

Sorry 2000's kids, we had it better!