If there's one thing Egyptians are good at, it's their stellar ability to find humor in everything. That world-famous sense of humor can make light of almost any situation, including movies, music and of course funny Ramadan advertisements.

The sarcastic remarks, personalized hashtags and memes about advertisements that spread through the Internet every Ramadan are enough to promote any advertiser's campaign. These are 15 from this year's funniest advertisements .

1. The Pound Comparison

Photo source: Crunch Egypt on Facebook

This hilarious meme made by Crunch Egypt themselves referencing their successful ad compares the old Egyptian pound note with the new coin alternative in yet another installment of their hilarious generational gap ideas.

2. The Infamous Exam Results Question

Photo source: Facebook

This ridiculously funny meme touches on something all Egyptian students are familiar with, that pesky question about exam results. It references the hilarious Al-Arousa Tea ad.

3. The Good Old Days

This shot from the Crunch ad has come close to going viral in Egypt as people made it into profile pictures and memes. This one quotes the ad's reference to the good old days when food tasted better.

4. The Infamous Green Genie

As if Etisalat's ad playing off its competitor wasn't enough for Vodafone, the Internet filled up with photos of the genie who worked as a double agent for both Vodafone and Etisalat.

5. Where Did The Time Go?

While Vodafone's sentimental ad didn't give meme creators much to go on, someone still managed to make fun of the celebrities in the ad by likening one to KFC's trademark man.

6. The Laziest Youth

Photo source: Crunch Egypt on Facebook

Another funny Crunch meme highlights another aspect of our time, which is apparently also "Crunch's time," lazy kids who don't get any physical exercise unlike their old relatives and grandparents used to back in the day.

7. Not Another Weird Question

Photo source: Facebook

The meme quoting the Al-Arousa Tea ad has been used for a variety of different ridiculous questions Egyptians are known for asking, like this one in which someone wonders if it really is expensive living in the UAE.

8. The Vodafone-Etisalat Conflict

Etisalat's move to play off Vodafone in the battle of Ramadan advertisements has been the official joke of the month, as Egyptians fight over which ad was their favorite and debate whether Eitsalat had a right to do so.

9. Nothing of the Sort

Another quote from the Crunch ad can now be officially and relevantly used not just for generation gap jokes but for just about anything and everything. Now that's smart advertising.

10. The Travel Question

Photo source: Facebook

In another reference to Al-Arousa ad's portrayal of the unnecessary Egyptian questions, this one depicts a familiar one, when your suit bags are in your hands and someone asks: Wait, are you traveling?

11. Etisalat's Next Steal?

Perhaps Etisalat should just go ahead and make everything in Vodafone's previous ads green, that's just one of the many Internet's brilliant suggestions.

12. The True "Every Egyptian's Tea"

Another ad joke circulating on social media is making fun of the endless celebrity appearances in Ramadan advertisements especially those for lavish luxuries, but some humble Egyptians are apparently sticking with Al-Arousa Tea.

13. The Mobinil Dilemma

Why mock just one or two major communications companies when you can mock them all? Egyptian Internet logic has no bounds.

14. The Earthquake Question

Among many of the social media users referencing Al-Arousa ad, some used it to comment on the earthquake Egypt experienced on June 27. Because when there's an earthquake in Egypt, Egyptians are bound to ask: Wait, is there an earthquake?

15. The Bee Toy Gift

Photo source: Crunch Egypt on Facebook

The spinning "Babzouz" bee toy that comes as a free gift with the good old "Eskenchiser" from the Crunch ad have both become as famous as the ad itself, if not more. The bee has become a meme of itself, just mentioning is sure to have any Egyptian laughing their head off.