Jordan is filled with historical landmarks and heritage that date since the dawn of time. 

Other than neighboring many Arab countries and being in direct touch with history with its Dead Sea, cuisine, and many monuments, Jordan will make you experience a culture medley like no other.

Here are 15 photos that will definitely put Jordan on your travel bucket list:

1. A rustic city full of stories

2. They have a neighborhood called "rainbow street"

3. Follow you to Petra? You don't even have to ask

4. The Temple of Hercules, thought to be the most significant Roman structure in Jordan

5. The Roman Theater of Amman, in the middle of the capital

6. Vintage corners like these make it worth the trip

7. Mount Nebo's magnificent mosaic

8. Or perhaps a romantic getaway by the Dead Sea

9. The 12th century Ajloun Castle

10. A rich souk for all your spice needs

11. Archaic churches like St George's in Madaba

12. Candlelit sunsets by the Dead Sea

13. Domes that match skylines like King Abdullah I Mosque

14. Such magical starry night in Wadi Rum

15. Or be at one with nature in Ajloun's Forest Reserve