Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and saw a photo of someone somewhere amazing in the world doing something equally as amazing and were immediately mind-blown and jealous?

So have we, it's one of those situations you hate but just can't get enough of. Here are 15 travel photos from Egypt that will make you so jealous right now.

1. Chilling on top of Mount Sinai

He's just chilling in front of this phenomenal view, no big deal.

2. Swimming with cute sea turtles

She just randomly found this sea turtle while diving in the Red Sea.

3. Skipping at the Hatshepsut Temple

Who wouldn't be happily skipping if they got to visit a temple like that?

4. Snorkeling like supermodels

They just decided to go for a snorkeling trip in Dahab IN DRESSES.

5. Leaning on 4,000-year-old monuments

She's just having a casual day in Luxor.

6. Swimming with sharks

He's just randomly enjoying a shark swim in the Red Sea, also not a big deal.

7. Chilling at the Karnak Temple

It's like she walks there everyday, that's the attitude in this photo.

8. Taking the perfect selfie with a camel at the Pyramids

Just look at this camel, look how much he ADORES them.

9. Flying over Luxor

Well, watching the sunset from the ground is cool too.

10. Sand-boarding in the Siwa Oasis

She's just nailing that slide.

11. Hanging with Horus

They seem to be having a pleasant conversation with Horus at the Edfu Temple.

12. Hiking in Sinai

We can do that move too.

13. Cruising in the Nile

The sun doesn't seem to be bothering her that much.

14. Jumping in front of Pompey's Pillar

It's like he's just jumping because he can.

15. Chilling on a yacht in the Red Sea

Watching the sunset in Sharm El-Sheikh from a yacht, yet another activity that's not a big deal.