In a world dominated by social media, the online competition to get the best, most perfect, unique, and viral-worthy shot is extremely high.

What extremes would you go to in order to capture that "perfect" Instagram selfie?

Our beautiful Dubai is no stranger to amazing photography and certainly doesn't lack on a shortage of breathtaking scenery.

Over the past few years, however, more and more dramatic videos and pictures have emerged of people taking 'selfies' while dangling on top of Dubai skyscrapers.

Although it is strictly against the UAE law and extremely dangerous to perform these stunts, many still do and some have even been arrested

Still, a lot of people get impressed by these fearless acts, whilst others describe the action of hanging from skyscrapers as reckless and simply stupid...

Right or wrong, here are 15 Instagram shots of Dubai that will definitely take your breath away:

1. Russian @olegcricket has amassed more than 800,000 followers on Instagram!

2. Sidharth Vithaldas is a Dubai-based photographer and known for his high-quality shots

3. Jacob Riglin is the Director of Content at @beautifuldestinations

4. Another one from Sidharth Vithaldas...

5. Remember @viki_odintcova?! The Russian daredevil who made international headlines after this stunt!

6. This view is just amazing!

7. Abudi Alsagoff is a freerunner from Malaysia and a sponsored Red Bull & GoPro athlete

8. This shot was taken by Murad Osmann, Executive Producer at Hype Production, with nearly 5 million Insta followers!

9. Don't look down...!

10. Crown Prince of Dubai, @faz3, is known for his breathtaking photography skills!

11. Here is another incredible shot by @abudialsagoff

12. @pixelville is a Dubai-based travel photographer who captures skylines and cityscapes from new angles, mostly aerials.

13. What a magnificent view!

14. Aqib Anwar is another Dubai-based photographer and video artist...

15. Yes, @thejameskingston, the guy with 220,000 Instagram followers who was taken in for questioning by the CID...