In the middle of long days and busy lives, many Egyptians often forget to see the vast beauty that lies beyond their crowded cities and noisy streets. They forget to see the awe-inspiring architecture, the breathtaking natural beauty and the native authenticity that exist in their ancient country.

However, in recent years many Egyptians have taken to Instagram to show Egyptians and the rest of the world their country's many colors. Whether they're shots of the buildings, the sunsets, the food or the people, every photo tells a story worth telling and that's why art is precious. These are 15 of the best Instagram accounts that post photos of Egypt.

1. Taimour Othman (@taimouro)

This amazingly talented photographer started the popular #roamegypt campaign on social media to encourage photographers and everyday Egyptians to roam the country and show the world that there's more to Egypt than the news. His breathtaking shots of desert landscapes and crystal-clear waters definitely show Egypt's true colors.

2. Everyday Egypt (@everydayegypt)

Everyday Egypt posts photos from Egyptian photographers that show both the simplicity and complexity in the everyday lives of Egyptians.

3. Christina Rizk (@christinarizk)

Like Othman, Rizk roams Egypt and documents the stories of Egyptians, their homes and their surroundings through her lens.

4. Egypt (@egypt)

This account posts the beloved photos of Egypt we all know and love. From the country's ancient monuments to its perfect beaches, the account is just comforting for anyone who loves the country.

5. Nada Borhan (@nadaborhan)

Borhan's photos combine talent, skilled photography and an authentic Egyptian feel. She's definitely one photographer you won't regret following.

6. Masrawi (@masrawi)

Masrawi posts gorgeous vintage photos of Egypt's earlier ages, and it's not just photos of the architecture that this account offers but photos of Egypt's rich cinematic and cultural heritage. It shows an Egypt you might not have seen before.

7. Raad Nile (@raad_nile)

This account's beautiful photos demand us to take a closer look at the intricate details of Cairo's many architectural gems, like Islamic Cairo's beautiful mosques.

8. My Egypt (@my.egypt)

This account aims to boost Egypt's tourism by showing the world its many wonders through its #myegypt campaign on social media. It offers gorgeous photos of Egypt, seen through its residents and visitors' eyes.

9. Nour Kamal (@nourikam)

Kamal quite literally shows Egypt's colors in her lustrous photos. Roaming Cairo's streets, she finds beauty and striking color in old houses and grim alleys.

10. Egypt Represent (@egyptrepresent)

Egypt Represent represents Egypt's breathtaking landscapes through the lenses of travelers and locals, and the results are spectacular.

11. Noha Zayed (@nohazayed)

Zayed's simple but striking photos document her travels across the country as she shows the lives of the Egyptians she meets along the way.

12. Architecture Egypt (@architectureegypt)

The account posts beautiful photos of the many buildings belonging to Egypt's vast architectural heritage, buildings that many stumble upon in Egypt's vibrant streets, but few stop and observe.

13. Nour Ammar (@nour_el_din)

Ammar roams Alexandria and shows the old beautiful buildings from Egypt's European-influenced past. The buildings might not look like they used to, but standing among urban modernity they still shine.

14. Karim El Hayawan (@karimalhayawan)

El Hayawan does a great job at capturing Cairo's heartbeat through its faces, streets and ancient buildings.

15. Ali Hamed (@alisphotos)

Hamed's documentation of life in Cairo allows his followers to go along the journey with him, visiting its iconic streets and seeing its beautiful buildings.