The point of commercials might be to sell a product but for these commercials, it’s hardly the case. Most don’t make sense at all!

If anything, these commercials are subject to massive amounts of sarcasm from those watching them ...

1. Preparing popcorn “Survivor” (Syria)

One question: How the hell did Tarazan find a popcorn machine in the jungle?

2. Cinderella and Hoover (Syria)

3. Zalt Soap (Syria)

Must be a funny soap!

4. Satel Juice (Syria)

Did the idea for this commercial come from this bucket? Ma fahemet ...

5. Notel Lufa (Syria)

Put the weird song aside ... four men are singing and dancing because they bought a luffa? Umm ... what?

6. CIT Institute (Lebanon)

Goal of this commercial: To get dizzy and pass out. Also, what the hell was that?

7. Crunchy (Jordan)

Point being: Even witches eat salty chips ...

8. Patisserie L'Escale (Lebanon)

Oh my god! I’m so scared! Did this come out of a horror movie?

9. North Insurance (Lebanon)

It’s not weird at all how he’s talking to several people at once. Multitask away!

10. Mr. Chips (Jordan)

Truly mish maa'oul

11. Giant (Jordan)

A commercial that has 100 frames per second ...

12. Nahli Soap (Syria)

What a disastrous symphony! I can’t even ...

13. Karam Milk (Syria)

Works better than Popeye’s spinach!

14."Bakeya" fans (Syria)

Sit in front a fan and take a deep breath after watching this.

15. Dana's Macaroni (Syria)

Haifa Wehbe at her best. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the ER after watching these ...

Did we forget a commercial that was disastrous? Post it in the comment section!

This article was first published in Arabic on YallaFeed .