Oh Syria, "simply an oasis, that is what it is," as once described by Mark Twain.This Levantine country can only be characterized as a land that has seen it all. 

From empires rising and falling to cultures and traditions evolving and spreading, still amid it all, Syria's beauty can be seen in every corner of its cities. 

Here are 15 photos to show you how majestic Syria is:

1. Syrian newspaper, Al Maktab, bordering the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus

2. Beautiful arabesque houses in Old Damascus

3. Millions of tales occupy the Citadel of Aleppo's walls

4. An infinity pool in Qardaha that almost touches the skies

5. A moment of hope in Aleppo

6. History unfolds at the Krak des Chevaliers

7. Spirituality in the wind and all around

8. Stairs of Hope in the heart of the capital

9. The Roman Theater in Bosra witnessed history in the making

10. Bougainvillea flower is nicknamed "majnouneh" (crazy) for it randomly grows everywhere in Syria

11. Palmyra's enchantment never ceases to amaze us

12. The Umayyad mosque, a landmark that once housed Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

13. A heritage beyond description

14. Clear skies and warm seas in Latakia

15. Colorful Syria in all its beauty