They say "change is the only constant" but have they actually been to the Arab world? There are certain customs, traditions, mindsets, and stereotypes that have fortunately or unfortunately stuck around as time progressed. 

As we enter the new year, there are some elements that we don't necessarily think will change over the next decade in the region — whether it's for good or bad reason. 

From seeing Arabs through an orientalist lens to stuffing threads and needles into empty butter cookie boxes, here are a few things that Arabs will most likely suffer from or cling to in the next 10 years: 

1. The belief that Arabs ride camels to commute

2. The degradation of career choices

3. The cuss words that insult oneself

4. The Vimto addiction

5. The never-ending stages of saying "Goodbye"

6. The unconscious use of Arabic fillers in conversations

7. The dramatic fights over the bill

8. The struggle with Siri

9. The love for shatafa

10. The "three-kiss" tradition that doesn't take into consideration the number of guests

11. The hilarious mispronunciations

12. The epic shahata throws

13. The scandalous butter cookie boxes

14. The two-degrees of separation

15. The art of postponing