In Arabic there are so many ways to show that you're sympathizing with someone. In Egypt, Ma3lesh (معلش) is especially used to the point of madness. 

Ma3lesh is one of those words that seem harmless enough, but when used excessively can become the stuff of nightmares. 

Why? Here's an explanation. 

1. Originally, it is simple

Ma3lesh is composed of 3 separate words: ما عليه شئ, which roughly translate to 'nothing to blame him/her for'.  

According to some, it was used by judges in the past when a person was found innocent. Others believe the expression can be traced back to Pre-Islamic Arabia, where it was used by people as a way to calm someone down when insulted:

"Don't take him seriously, nothing to blame him for."

Nowadays, it is used to encourage one to be extra calm in the face of adversity. Be warned though, when used excessively it can show indifference. 

2. I just need 20 more!

"I've 20 more ma3lesh to go and all my problems will disappear!" 

3. Exhibit A:

- "Ma3lesh, don't worry."

- "Really? All of my problems are  now gone!" 

4. That moment when you're livid...

And someone dares to throw a ma3lesh at you! 

-"After 14 thousand messages explaining to him why I'm upset, ma3lesh is the best response he can come up with!!!"

5. You feel like you wanna kill it!

Totally understandable... 

6. And scream!


7. Even the TV is against you!

Imagine if TV ads were this mean instead of offering a solution. For example:

-"Are you short?"

- "Yes"

-"Do your friends make fun of you?" 




8. Or if this happens

That moment when you as a typical Alexandrian, just open up to the sea and tell it what's on your mind, and the answer is, ma3lesh!

9. The harmless expression sometimes adds insult to injury

"The result of two many ma3leshs

10. This is why you'll never find anyone asking for it!

"Whomever comes across this post, could you please give me a little 'ma3lesh?' I'm a bit upset!"

Not gonna happen, bro! 

11. It's a real cheeky apology sometimes!

When you are apologizing to someone, who is still mad at you:

- I said ma3lesh ba2a! 

12. In a nutshell

Not any ma3lesh from anyone will do, there is always that special person whose ma3lesh counts! :P 

13. Tone it down

This is what one too many ma3leshs! 

14. What to do about that?

Make sure you avoid a ma3lesh overdose!

Seriously, use your ma3lesh in moderation.