Sometimes in life, the smallest details can make us happy and draw a huge smile on our faces. Despite all the grand and majestic things Dubai has to offer, there are nevertheless a few simple details that still happily surprise us in this city and instantly put us in a chirpier mood:

1. Passing Sheikh Zayed Road or Al Khail Road during rush hour without being stuck in an accident.


2. Arriving to the petrol station to find that you are first in line or waiting less than 20 minutes to be served.


3. Getting your problem solved by a Du or Etisalat customer care representative without being put on hold for 15 minutes or having to explain the problem to almost everyone who works there.


4. Finding a cheap last minute flight to Riyadh or Doha that doesn’t cost more than 1000 dirhams.

5. Finding a parking spot in Media City or Deira at 12 p.m. without the need to circle the block for 30 minutes and miss your meetings.


6. When your lunch order arrives in less than 10 minutes, which saves you from eating your stapler or your colleague.


7. Finding out that the forgotten credit card in the corner of your wallet gives you a 20% discount at a luxury spa in a 5 star hotel.


8. When the gym staff tell you they won’t charge you for the month you skipped. (That’s not you Fitness First).


9. When your annual car maintenance estimate doesn’t give you a heart attack or make you remember how poor you are.


10. When you get a day off because a VIP is visiting the UAE and all roads must be clear. Please visit more often!


11. When the employee at the petrol station happily cleans the windows of your car without you asking. And if you are extremely lucky, he might slip a free box of tissues into your hand.


12. When you find out you don’t have any Salik or parking fines to pay when renewing your car registration.


13. When you go shopping during Dubai Shopping Festival and find your size or an actual sale on the nice and new pieces instead of last season’s leftovers.


14. When you find a free parking space on Thursday at JBR Walk instead of the paid one. That’s a true hallelujah moment!