To be an Emirati is something, but to be an Emirati who works for the government is something else… because then some of these ridiculous and silly myths would apply to you.

Emiratis deal with more than their fair share of stereotyping . But I find it really cruel to keep believing these stereotypes when we witness day by day the commendable effort the country is putting forward to become the best in everything and when we see hardworking Emiratis participating in this process like many of my friends, who are extremely clever, ambitious, highly educated and successfully government employed – and who also kindly contributed to this post.

So, in their own view, here are common myths some people formed about the Emiratis that work for the government:

1. There is no mixing between men and women in the workplace


2. They work extremely short hours and they are overpaid

3. They drive no less than a Porsche or Range Rover

4. Each of them has their own designated parking spot with their name on it

5. They come and go as they wish without accountability


6. They are employed by “wasta” and don’t need experience or a university degree

7. They work for the government just to add some prestige to their CV

8. They regularly have coffee breaks with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid or Fazza (Prince Hamdan)


9. They are expected to know about all the big decisions before they are made or announced

10. Locals have it so easy that most of them have a cool afternoon job like owning a cupcake shop, a gym or a coffee house

11. They don’t really work in Ramadan

12. They always go on exciting business trips and they always get to fly business class

13. They have direct access to ministers and sheikhs


14. Their jobs are forever secure and they never have to face the fear of termination or “tafneesh”