Another week, another agonizing day that will leave you yawning endlessly and chugging one cup of coffee after the other, all the while questioning your life choices and daydreaming about your bed.

Well, for a change, kick-start this week with some laughs brought to you by the ever-hilarious Arab tweeps.

Here are 14 funny Arab tweets that will make your day a little more tolerable: 

1. If our conversations had a narrator

2. Meet the sassiest teenager out there

"- Boy: Which grade are you? - Girl: 12th grade. - B: Nice, good luck. - G: You are nice. - B: Thank you. What do you want to be when you grow up? - G: I want to be your wife."

3. Egyptian traveler Sherif Fayed has got nothing on you

"I went out two days in a row. Greetings to Sherif Fayed and his respectful family."

4. This hilarious take at the sad reality

"[...] Her: The dollar will never be worth less than 18 Egyptian pounds. Instead, it will actually increase.

Her: Abdelfattah El-Sisi will remain in power and you will never find a job outside Egypt [...]"

5. Behold, the epitome of Arab craftiness

"I called the reception saying I need help, so they sent someone over and I asked him to take a photo of me."

6. Arab creativity at its finest

7. Exhibit B

"Hakuna Batata."

8. Lebanese self-deprecating humor is something else

9. Where's the lie?

10. Political memes are in a league of their own

"Do you still have the eidiyya your dad gave you?"

11. Then there's the charming Arab dad humor

12. Every bitter ex-lover will relate to this one

13. Natural disasters vs. Egyptian men

14. Lest we forget how hilariously random Google translate is