From Islamophobes endangering their lives to white feminists insisting on "liberating" them, and all the way to the halal-police scrutinizing their every move, hijabis really don't seem to catch a break. 

However, they've risen above it all with an impeccable sense of humor, sharing social media posts that are nothing short of hilarious.

Here's the proof:

1. On teasing a new husband

2. On giving critics a taste of their own medicine

3. On seeking halal sources of income

4. On slaying yearbook quotes again...

5. And again!

6. On being extra creative while dealing with marital problems

7. On the relationship with FBI officers

8. On replying to the oh-so-original hijab questions

9. On clapping back at ignorant comments

10. On turning down guys with puns...

11. And pure savagery

12. On poking fun at Twitter akhs

13. On being low-key disappointed in the Nike hijab