Whether it's a cultural tradition or a hereditary thing, there are certain things no one in the world can do better than an Arab. There have been attempts, but none that have succeeded. Here are 13 things an Arab can do better than anyone else:

1. Zalghouta

We all have that one aunt who is just perfect.

2. Heating the dance floor when doing the dabke

Works off a sweat every time.

3. Being late

You know you've done this before.


4. Preparing a feast everyday like it's a piece of cake

And 10 bonus meals when you find out an extra guest is coming.

5. Breaking the intimacy that usually accompanies hand holding

But, sometimes to the point where you start feeling claustrophobic and just want your hand back.

6. Spending more time at the door when visiting someone's house than in their living room


7. Turning a slap on the neck into a "congratulations on your haircut"

Sahsooh lal hle2a?

8. Having at least one forbidden room in the house ... salon?

Because who knows when the king and queen will drop by for a surprise visit.

9. Kissing and hugging strangers

And then getting into a mental dilemma of whether you should lean in for that extra kiss.

10. Using every inch of your face to communicate with others

Forehead and eyebrows are a must.

JP0743 Palestine, Hebron, Portrait of local man.

11. Having at least 45 cousins

Of which 20 have the same name.


12. Saying goodbye atleast twice during a phone conversation

Yalla bye...bye...bye...bye.


13. Claiming everything is Arab

You know it's true.