The concept of fasting for a minimum of 11 hours must be quite hard to grasp for some non-Muslims, especially for those living in isolation from people of the Islamic faith. 

Being curious about Ramadan (and asking normal questions) is one thing, but asking completely random and illogical questions is another.

Google before you speak during Ramadan, please, because we're tired of hearing these 13 questions: 

1. "Not even water?"

No, not even water ... and we don't need you to rub it in our faces. 

Not even air? We can inhale oxygen particles to stay alive, but going hours without water won't kill you. In fact, your body can survive up to four days without water, so 11 hours or so without it is a piece of cake (Cake? No, not even cake).

2. "Do you eat when no one is around?"

Umm, the whole point of Ramadan is NOT eating or drinking for a certain number of hours, whether people are around or not. 

And anyway, fasting without having to dry your mouth while speaking (aka no humans around) facilitates the process. 

3. "Is it hard?!"

Well, that's a pretty subjective question, but anyway, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Muslims fast every year, so, you got your answer, didn't you?

4. "Do you stop eating to lose weight?"

Diet and Ramadan are not synonymous. We promise. 

5. "If you eat when the sun goes down, does that mean you don't fast when it's cloudy?"

Muslims don't live by a vampire's logic ... or do we?

6. "So, you don't consume food for a whole 30 days?"

We fast for a number of HOURS, not days. Thank you.

7. "Can I eat in front of you?"

Well, thank you for your kind consideration, but we're much stronger than that. We might be craving to bite off your left cheek, but trust us, we fight our temptations to the fullest.

8. "Do you eat non-stop till dawn?"

Ramadan is not centered around food, though some people tend to believe it does. We eat a three-course meal at iftar, and then have breakfast-type food at suhoor. It's really not an eating competition.

9. "Can you shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant?"

It's highly preferable if everyone did so. 

Then there are the questions only women will understand...

10. "Why aren't you fasting this week?"

I'm on my period. Repeat. I'm on my period. Now, leave me alone. 

11. "Don't you need to cover your hair to be fasting?"

No, that's a personal decision. Thank you, next. 

12. "Can you go out wearing bright colors during Ramadan?"

What do colorful attires have to do with Ramadan? 

*Hint: Nothing. Nada. Null.* 

13. "Can you apply lip balm while fasting?"

As long as one is not eating the lip balm, I don't see why not.