For decades young Palestinians have used art as a voice for their community, a platform through which they can narrate their side of the story and share their resilience with the world.

One of the forms of art in which that has been the most evident is music, and with each new generation, a new wave of talented musicians and bands take over the Palestinian indie music scene with their unique identities and diverse sounds.

These are 13 musicians and bands from Palestine's indie music scene that deserve a spot on your playlist.

1. Bil3ax - Reggae Rock

2. Shams Asma - Experimental

3. Stormtrap - Rap and Hip Hop

4. Muqata'a (Boikutt) - Rap and Hip Hop

5. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh - Indie Rock

6. Terez Sliman - Indie Folk

7. Checkpoint 303 - Experimental

8. Raymond Haddad - Indie Rock

9. Dam - Rap and Hip Hop

10. Makimakkuk - Experimental

11. Basel Abbas - Experimental

12. El Container - Alternative Rock

13. Dakn - Rap and Hip Hop